Century Bass Club

  If you're serious about improving your angling skills nothing will do it faster than fishing draw tournaments.

Century Bass Club is a B.A.S.S.  Nation club that was formed in 1976. We currently have approximately 50 members. We fish 11 tournaments a year, including  a year end classic. We meet the Wed. night prior to our next tournament. Our tournament schedule is set in Nov./Dec. for the following year.  All of our tournaments are draw format and every contestant who wants to take his boat is allowed. We do have minimum length and horsepower limits. Partners are determined at the Wednesday night meeting prior to each tournament. Non-boaters and boaters are drawn until all non-boaters are paired and then those boaters remaining fish alone.

Club membership is $25 annually.
Annual B.A.S.S. Nation dues are $30 for National, and $25 for State Dues.
Tournament entry fees are $60 per tournament. That entry includes $9 to be used to send our TOP SIX members to the State Championship, $10 toward big bass pot, and $2 toward 5lb even pot. 90% is paid back at that tournament with 10% remaining with the club to be paid out at the year end classic. We pay 3 places, plus 1 place for every 5 entries over 15. In addition, we pay for big bass and heavy boat (combined stringer).

Standings are determined solely by tournament results. 1st=100, 2nd=99, etc. Members are not penalized when they can't attend a meeting and a spring tournament that produces heavy stringers doesn't count more than a summer stringer that might produce lighter stringers. Our goal is that fishing and fishing alone will determine standings and in turn the "Top 6" anglers who will represent the club in the following year's Texas BASS Nation Top 6 state tournament.

Century won the  2013 & 2017 State B.A.S.S. NationTop Six Championship on Lake Same Rayburn and Lake Falcon.

Century won 3 B.A.S.S. State Titles in the 90's.

Hopefully we've covered some of the high points here. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to send us an e-mail. We are always looking for new members and we invite you to join our club or at least give us a try by coming out and fishing as a guest.

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