August 26th/27th, 2000
Lake Ray Hubbard

Again this month we fished under a dark, moonless sky. The water temperature was 90 degrees at 7:00pm and only dropped to 85.5 degrees by morning. The winds were gusty during the late evening and early morning hours. 

Robert Hargrove Takes Another CENTURY Title

    At our most recent tournament, held the night of August 26th at Lake Ray Hubbard, Robert Hargrove added another win to his already impressive tournament resume which includes over 30 wins and 7 Angler of the Year titles. If you have been around the club for any length of time you already know how Robert caught his fish, but for our friends on the Internet, who check in on us from time to time, we’ll share his technique with you. Robert has perfected a technique that we in club affectionately refer to as (more times than not while we are donating our money to Robert) the Chicken Sh-- Rig. The rig consists of a small weight, a short leader, a ridiculously small hook and either a Zoom Centipede or Trick Worm – depending on Robert’s mood. I can tell you from personal experience though that it is not just the rig, but also the man using it that makes the difference. It doesn’t just catch small fish either as Robert’s most recent 5 fish limit will attest – 17.51 pounds including fish at 5.04 lbs. and 4.82 lbs. As if nearly lapping his next nearest competitor was not enough, Robert did it while recovering from surgery and wearing a splint on one hand. Boss Hog is one tough fisherman! Congratulations Robert, and a personal thank you for the fun year of fishing on the North Texas division of Angler’s Choice. We finished the year in 8th place and qualified for the Championship to be held in October at Sam Rayburn. Also qualifying for the same Championship event was club member Elvin Smith with his partner James Rigdon.

    The other top finishers at Ray Hubbard were Brett Kilmer in 2nd place with 5 fish at 10.64. 3rd place – Bobby Cole with 5 fish at 9.90, 4th place – Kevin Probert (who?) with 5 fish at 8.67, and 5th place – Mike Thompson with 5 fish at 8.61.

    It was a blast watching Bobby Cole, on Sunday morning, as he caught a wad of fish on a plastic frog over a bed of duckweed. Why wouldn’t they bite mine Bobby? I guess it just goes to show you why Bobby is in contention for the Angler of the Year title in the Northeast B.A.S.S Federation. Good luck Bobby in next month’s final tournament on Lake Palestine – we are all pulling for you!

    With just two tournaments to go I am still holding a small lead over Randy Kvapil and Robert Hargrove in our own Angler of the Year race. The other three members currently holding slots in the Top 6 include Carey Gajdica, Chuck Middleton and Elvin Smith. There are approximately eight other members close behind and within contention. Things could get very interesting considering three of the Top 6 must catch fish in at least one of the next two events to hold on to their spots, while Elvin must weigh fish in both of the next events to hold on to his spot.

    Everyone try to make it to the next meeting and don’t forget to bring any rule changes to present for discussion. Also, bring any information you may have regarding the history of the Century Bass Club. I will be asking for volunteers to help me put together a Century Bass Club History and Rules Book for distribution next year.

Tommy Yates

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Points Money Won
1 Robert Hargrove 5 17.51 5.04 100 $527.50
2 Brett Kilmer 5 10.64   99 $204.75
3 Bobby Cole 5 9.90   98 $118.32
4 Kevin Probert 5 8.67   97 $86.63
5 Mike Thompson 5 8.61   96 $63.00
6 Bill Johnson 4 6.35   95  
7 Randy Kvapil 3 5.26   94  
8 Phillip Webb 3 4.83   93  
9 Chuck Middleton 3 4.68   92  
10 Danny Yates 3 4.07   91  
11 Ernie Jordan 1 3.07   90  
12 Alan Carrell 2 2.99   89  
13 Carey Gajdica 1 2.77   88  
14 Paul Zukosky 2 2.57   87  
15 Bill Ferguson 1 2.32   86  
16 Jim Hammond 1 1.82   85  
17 Tommy Yates 1 1.57   84  
18 Bill Houghton 1 1.45   83 $62.50
19 Elvin Smith 1 1.19   82  
20 Rich Adams 0 -   10  
20 Bernie Gajdica 0 -   10  
20 Bill Kessler 0 -   10  
20 Hameed Ghaffar 0 -   10  
20 Art Alden 0 -   10  
20 Matt Coty 0 -   10  
Totals 25 Anglers 51 100.27 lbs. -1.97 average   $1,062.51

 Lunker Club (over 5 lbs.)


 Tournament Winners

Angler # of fish Largest Total Weight  Angler Lake Total Weight
 Brett Kilmer 1 10.93 10.93 Coy Frazier Martin Creek 10.50
Bill Johnson 1 8.27 8.27 Brett Kilmer Ray Hubbard 22.77
Carey Gajdica 1 7.19 7.19 Tommy Yates Toledo Bend-2 day 22.60
John Pierce 2 6.30 12.13 Jon Harsbarger Lake 'O the Pines 11.18
Tommy Yates 2 5.66 11.07 Coy Frazier Cedar Creek 17.75
Coy Frazier 1 6.03 6.03 Jon Harsbarger Sandlin/C.Springs-2 day 15.36
Hameed Ghaffar 1 6.33 6.33 Tommy Yates Bob Sandlin 11.55
Robert Hargrove 1 5.04 5.04 Robert Hargrove Ray Hubbard 17.51

Next Tournament
Sept. 17th - Lake Palestine
Next Meeting
Wed. Sept. 13th - 7:00pm at VFW #5076, 1906 Miller Road, Garland (Mapsco 29A.H)

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