August 17th/18th, 2002
Lake Palestine

Randy Kvapil Wins Palestine Night Tournament

Randy Kvapil continued his first-rate fishing this year by winning the Palestine night tournament. His three fish weighted 10.10 pounds and was anchored by a nice 5.95 pound fish. Randy piloted his Bullet to spots in the mid-lake area to catch his fish. This victory has helped Randy pull into 2nd place in our club standing right behind Robert Hargrove. In addition, Randy is leading the Northeast Region of our B.A.S.S Federation. Philip Webb brought two fish to the scales, including the tournament’s big bass, for a total weight of 8.77 pounds and a nice 2nd place finish. Paul Zukosky placed 3rd with four fish weighing 8.31 pounds. It seems that retirement has been good for Paul’s fishing. He ran his Ranger from the Villages to Saline Bay and back to the bridges at Highsaw/Ledbetter to catch his fish – with his last keeper coming right before weigh-in. Paul is sitting in 3rd place in our Angler of the Year race and he is making a push to win it again for the 4th time in our club’s history. 

I weighed in just one lone fish, but that fish weighed 6.10 pounds and that was good enough for a 4th place finish. I caught my fish on a black Hildebrandt spinnerbait tipped with a black Uncle Josh #11 pork rind in the mid-lake area on the front of a concrete boat ramp. It was the only fish I managed to catch all night. After daybreak I pulled out my Lake Fork Tackle Craw and started moving my Bullet 21XD from dock to dock in an attempt to my give my big bass a little company. In the next couple of hours I brought six fish to the boat, but unfortunately the largest one was only 13 ˝”. It was at least nice to have a little action after a long night. 

Rounding out the top five was Mark Calhoun who weighed in two fish at 5.43 pounds. 

There are quiet a few members putting together excellent years, but in what seems to be an all to familiar and annual ritual they are all chasing Robert Hargrove for that coveted Angler of the Year title.

With two tournaments remaining Robert is holding on to a slim lead with 579 out a possible 600 points. Randy Kvapil and Paul Zukosky are within striking distance with 575 and 569 points respectively. I am tied with Wally Hughey with 552 points and Craig Dowis is on the bubble in 6th place with 536 points. 

Out next tournament will be Sept. 14th and 15th at Toledo Bend. The next and last Federation Tournament will be Sept. 7th at Cypress Springs. Don’t forget the “Baby Creatures.”

Tommy Yates

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Points
1 Randy Kvapil 3 10.10 5.95 100
2 Philip Webb 2 8.11 6.53 99
3 Paul Zukosky 4 8.31   98
4 Tommy Yates 1 6.10 6.10 97
5 Mark Calhoun 2 5.43   96
6 Steve Savage 3 5.20   95
7 Robert Hargrove 3 4.81   94
8 Duane Climer 2 3.70   93
9 Chuck Middleton 1 1.84   92
10 Alan Carrell 1 1.42   91
11 David Magers 1 1.38   90
12 Ray Bell - -   50
13 Craig Dowis - -   50
14 Bill Kessler - -   50
14 Ernie Jordan - -   50
14 Danny Yates - -   50
14 Wally Hughey - -   50
17 Anglers 23 57.06 lbs. / 2.48 average

 Lunker Club (over 5 lbs.)



 Tournament Winners

Angler # of fish Largest Total Weight  Angler Lake Total Weight
Mark Calhoun 1 6.23 6.23 Robert Hargrove Martin Creek Lake 8.50
Randy Kvapil 2 5.95 11.18 Randy Kvapil Lake Tyler 13.43
Bill Kessler 1 5.15 5.15 Bill Kessler Ray Hubbard 7.99
Coy Frazier 1 7.18 7.18 Bill Kessler Lake 'O the Pines 11.80
Elvin Smith 1 5.73 5.73 Coy Frazier Cypress Springs 15.16
Philip Webb 1 6.53 6.53 Mark Calhoun Cedar Creek 15.12
Tommy Yates 1 6.10 6.10 Jon Harshbarger Sam Rayburn 10.55
        Randy Kvapil Lake Palestine 10.10
           Toledo Bend   
          Bob Sandlin  

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