Jim Linderer Loading up for a day of fishing

Jim Hammond waiting for his day one boater

Nick Carroccio loads up his catch for weigh in.

V.P./Tournament Director Philip Webb and President Nick Carrocio set up the weigh in area

Eric Burton waits to put his day's catch on the scales.

Eric Burton takes his day one, 3.14 lb Bass for live release.

Paul Zukosky with his day one catch of 9.72 lbs

Coy Frazier at the scales.

Brannon Long with his day 1 fish.

Randy Conover with part of his day 1 limit.

Hameed Ghaffar with the day one Big Bass of 5.67 lbs

Robert Hargrove shows off his Day one leading limit of 11.63 lbs

Wally Hughey has a day one limit of 10.94 lbs.

Philip Webb and his limit of 11.22 lbs and big bass of 4.15 lbs

Paul Zukosky turns in his day two catch as Jay Stewart waits to weigh his fish.

Even though the fishing was tough members waited to weigh their catch.

Waiting on the official results.

The ramp was full at weigh in time.

Tommy Yates collects his tackle pack for his 7th place finish with 11.96 lbs.

Wally Hughey finished 6th with his twoday total of 12.50 lbs.

Paul Zukosky collects his 5th place finish with 14.93 lbs.

Robert Hargrove takes 4th place with his 2 day total of 16.02 lbs.

Mark Calhoun steps up to take 3rd on his total of 18.20 lbs.

Nick Carroccio's two day total was just enough to claim 1st with 19.23 lbs.

Hameed Ghaffar takes 2nd place with 18.98 lbs, and Big Bass honors both days with 5.67lbs Saturday and 4.80lbs Sunday.

Who's it gonna' be. The free entry drawing winner for next month is Wally Hughey.