October 28t and 29th, 2000
Cedar Creek Lake

There was a threat of rain most of the day on Saturday with mostly cloudy skies. We started off Sunday in the rain with skies clearing by the middle of the day. The wind blew 10-15 mph both days and the surface temperatures hovered around 70 degrees for both days. 

Harshbarger Captures 2000 CENTURY Classic Championship

    Jon Harshbarger weighed in limits on both Saturday and Sunday at Cedar Creek Lake to win the 2000 Century Bass Club Classic Championship. John’s 10 fish totaled 20.53 lbs. and were caught on variety of baits including Texas rigged worms, Rattle-L-Traps, spinnerbaits and jigs.  Jon’s scrambling was enough to edge out Mike Adam who had 8 fish for 19.50 lbs. for 2nd place. My 8 fish were weighed 19.28 lbs. and was good enough for a 3rd place finish.

    My fish came on Lake Fork Tackle Twitch Worms rigged on a spit-shot rig and a Terminator Spinnerbait. I only had two fish in the livewell, with an hour to go on Sunday, when I started graphing lots of bait fish in approximately 12-13 feet of water. I decided to start dropping the Twitch Worm down through the bait fish. I would then barely shake it, while trying to leave it in the same spot for what felt like an eternity. Even though I had a good fish pull off under the boat, the technique still paid off handsomely as I managed to put 3 more keepers in the boat for a 2nd day limit that went 11.94.

Coy Frazier, always a tough competitor, brought in the heaviest 2nd day stringer on Sunday with 5 fish at 13.04 lbs. to give him a 2-day total of 16.50 lbs. and good enough for 4th place overall. 5th-8th place went to John Pierce, Chuck Middleton, Carey Gajdica and Paul Zukosky respectively. The Century Classic Championship capped off a great year, and  I know that next year should will be even better!!

    I would like to thank Russell Cecil for the outstanding presentation during our last meeting and also for donating a Falcon Rod for the drawing on Sunday, at the end of our Classic Tournament. Russell is a rep for Falcon Rods, Gene Larew, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses and Frogg Toggs. I really like the idea of the Frogg Togg rain suits with our logo on them.

    Don’t forget the Awards Banquet at Enchilada’s Restaurant (Abrams & Northwest Highway) on November 15th at 7:00pm. If you never been to one of these they are always a lot of fun and the perfect time to reflect on this year as we look forward to 2001.

    If you know anyone who would like more information about Century Bass Club, please have them visit our website at http://www.bassclubs.net/clubpages/centurybassclub/ or contact me at tyates@ticnet.com or 214-793-0171. If you have personally not visited our website, I encourage you to take the time to go take a look. I’m definitely prejudiced, but I think we’ve got one of the best, most informative club sites going. We have had over 1500 hits in the last ten months and there are plans to make our site even better in the next few months with a new “links” page and an “Angler of the Year” Profile Page.  Thanks for a great year!    

Tommy Yates

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Money Won
1 Jon Harsbarger 10 20.53   $375.00
2 Mike Adam 8 19.50   255.00
3 Tommy Yates 8 19.28 3.98/Sun. $240.00
4 Coy Frazier 7 16.50   $165.00
5 John Pierce 5 12.94 3.98/Sun. $180.00
6 Chuck Middleton 5 11.42   $105.00
7 Carey Gajdica 4 10.68 4.09/Sat. $180.00
8 Paul Zukosky 4 8.37   $75.00
9 Robert Hargrove 3 5.97   $60.00
10 Phillip Webb 3 5.82   $45.00
11 Alan Carrell 3 4.67    
12 Ernie Jordan 2 4.61    
13 Bill Houghton 3 4.41   Falcon Rod
14 Jim Hammond 3 4.28    
15 Cliff McKenzie 1 3.25    
16 Danny Yates 1 2.21    
17 Bill Kessler 1 1.42    
18 Hameed Ghaffar 0 -    
Totals 18 Anglers 71 155.86 lbs. - 2.195 lb.  per fish average $1,680.00

2000 Classic Qualifiers

Tommy Yates Jon Harsbarger Coy Frazier ALTERNATES:
Robert Hargrove Paul Zukosky Bill Houghton Mike Adam-Alt.
Randy Kvapil Phillip Webb John Pierce Hameed Ghaffar-Alt.
Carey Gajdica Ernie Jordan Jim Campbell Rich Adams-Alt.
Elvin Smith Jim Hammond Cliff McKenzie Bernie Gajdica-Alt.
Chuck Middleton Bill Johnson Bill Kessler Wally Hughey-Alt.
Danny Yates Brett Kilmer Art Alden Kevin Probert-Alt.


 Lunker Club (over 5 lbs.)



 Tournament Winners

Angler # of fish Largest Total Weight  Angler Lake Total Weight
Brett Kilmer 1 10.93 10.93 Coy Frazier Martin Creek 10.50
Bill Johnson 1 8.27 8.27 Brett Kilmer Ray Hubbard 22.77
Carey Gajdica 1 7.19 7.19 Tommy Yates Toledo Bend-2 day 22.60
John Pierce 2 6.30 12.13 Jon Harsbarger Lake 'O the Pines 11.18
Tommy Yates 2 5.66 11.07 Coy Frazier Cedar Creek 17.75
Coy Frazier 1 6.03 6.03 Jon Harsbarger Sandlin/Cypress-2 day 15.36
Hameed Ghaffar 1 6.33 6.33 Tommy Yates Bob Sandlin 11.55
Robert Hargrove 1 5.04 5.04 Robert Hargrove Ray Hubbard 17.51
        Brett Kilmer  Lake Palestine 8.97
        Phillip Webb Lake Lavon 5.59

Next Tournament
January 2001

Date and Lake to be announced

Next Meeting
 January 2001
VFW #5076, 1906 Miller Road, Garland (Mapsco 29A.H)  
Date and Lake to be announced

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