October 26th and 27th, 2001
Cedar Creek Lake

Robert Hargrove Wins 2002 Century Classic

Robert Hargrove finished off a stellar year by winning the Classic held on Cedar Creek on October 26th and 27th with a combined 2-day total of 19.38 pounds, which included the big bass on Saturday of 5.88 pounds. Randy Kvapil, who led after the first day with a fine limit of 13.70 pounds, slipped on Sunday and only managed one fish but held on for second place with a total of 15.52 pounds. Paul Zukosky who rallied on Sunday with a limit after only managing one keeper on Saturday finished with 11.95 pounds for 3rd place.

First year member Ray Bell also kicked it into high gear on Sunday after zeroing on Saturday. Ray weighed in four bass for a total of 11.03 pounds and 4th place, which included Sunday’s big bass that topped the scales at 5.63 pounds. 

Rounding out the next six places were Tommy Yates, who edged out his brother Danny by .02 pounds, with 10.98 pounds for 5th place. I won’t print Danny’s response to his brother upon finding this out. Seventh place went to Coy Frazier with 9.16 pounds, followed by Carey Gajdica with 9.12 pounds, Phillip Webb with 8.72 pounds, and David Magers captured the tenth spot with 8.24 pounds.

There were a total of 67 bass weighed in with a total weight of 148.51 pounds and a 2.22 pound average.

The New Officers for 2003 are: Duane Climer, President; Phillip Webb, Vice President and Tournament Director; Mark Calhoun, Secretary; and Paul Zukosky, Treasurer.

Congratulations to our 2003 Top Six Team Members:
Robert Hargrove – 770 points
Paul Zukosky – 757 points
Tommy Yates – 744 points
Wally Hughey – 733 points
Randy Kvapil – 710 points
Duane Climer – 676 points

Final Club Standings (after 2 drops):
Robert Hargrove  770 Carey Gajdica 339
Paul Zukosky  757 John Pierce 324
Tommy Yates 744 Bobby Cole 289
Wally Hughey 733 Mike Mashburn 274
Randy Kvapil 710 Bernie Gajdica 261
Duane Climer 676 Allan Carrell 241
Bill Kessler 666 Jim Campbell 240
Danny Yates 638 Kevin Probert 234
Craig Dowis 635 Keith Green 231
Mark Calhoun 633 Michael Vasquez 229
Coy Frazier 624 Ed Shindoll 216
Philip Webb 622 Gary Martin 198
Ernie Jordan 595 Elvin Smith 194
David Magers 554 David Porter 185
Chuck Middleton 552 Bill Houghton 181
Mike Adam 511 Vince Kiesling 175
Ray Bell 504 Jim Hammond 174
Steve Savage 481 Gilbert Gomez 173
Paul Sewell 414 Larry Jones 142
Hameed Ghaffar 376 Brett Kilmer 140
John Harshbarger 346 Lynn Storey 137

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