July 29th/30th, 2000
Bob Sandlin

We fished under a dark, moonless sky. The water temperature was in the upper 80's at 7:00pm and only dropped a few degrees through the night. The winds were light and variable throughout the evening. A few members reported rain shortly before midnight.     

Long Night of Persistence Yields Another 1st For Tommy Yates

During a long, dark and moonless night on Bob Sandlin the fishing gods shined down me. As the tournament got started a Carolina Rig and a Spook produced no fish, so as darkness fell I started throwing my reliable Hildebrandt black spinnerbait – alternating between #5 and #6 blades. I was having fish hit my spinnerbait during practice, but they weren’t really taking it so during the tournament I added an Uncle Josh pork chunk and covered it all with Smelly Jelly. During tough conditions I believe it will cause the fish hang on a little better. I also bent the wire to my blade straight up to give it more thump. It took all night, but by 5:30am I had finally scratched out a small limit. 

I fished the south part of the lake from Cherokee Junction, east to Charlie’s Ridge, and at daybreak decided to stay put because of all the activity through the night. As darkness gave way to daybreak I again started throwing the Spook. When the Spook failed to produce, I made the fateful move to a Super Pop R and that’s when the fun began. In the next hour I caught 8 fish and was able to cull my 4 smallest fish. The decision to switch baits added about 3 pounds – a move that eventually meant the difference between 1st place and 4th place.   

My 5 fish weighed in at 11.55 to narrowly edge out John Pierce’s limit of 11.32.  John also had big bass at 5.83.  Randy Kvapil was right in the hunt with 4 fish at 11.20 for 3rd place.  4th place went to Chuck Middleton who’s 5 fish limit along with his partner Bill Houghton’s 2 fish took heavy boat with 16.54 lbs. 5th place honors were taken by Danny Yates with 4 fish at 6.84 lbs.  

Twenty eight anglers fished this month’s tournament and it was great to see some familiar old friends come out, including John Tanner, Bobby Cole, Art Alden, Ed Shindoll and David Porter. It was also a lot of fun to hear David Porter talk about his experience fishing the Federation’s Regional Tournament on South Dakota’s sprawling Lewis and Clark Reservoir. He represented Century Bass Club well and added another footnote in our already illustrious club history. Way to go David!  

My win at Sandlin put me in the lead for Angler of the Year with the remaining five places going to Randy Kvapil, Jon Harsbarger, Carey Gajdica, Robert Hargrove, and Elvin Smith with at least nine more members within striking distance should one of the top six falter in the last three tournaments. 

With Ray Hubbard right in our own backyard we should have a banner turnout for our next tournament. I hope to see you all there.

Tommy Yates

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Points Money Won
1 Tommy Yates 5 11.55   100 $352.80
2 John Pierce 5 11.32 5.83 99 $394.32
3 Randy Kvapil 4 11.20   98 $132.30
4 Chuck Middleton 5 9.79   97 $167.02
5 Danny Yates 4 6.84   96 $70.56
6 Bill Houghton 2 6.75   95 $70.00
7 John Tanner 3 6.73   94  
8 Jeff Cooper 2 6.61   93  
9 Robert Hargrove 2 5.28   92  
10 Elvin Smith 3 4.60   91  
11 Hameed Ghaffar 2 3.47   90  
12 Ed Shindoll 2 3.08   89  
13 Rich Adams 1 2.95   88  
14 Dusty Richards 1 2.83   87  
15 Coy Frazier 2 2.74   86  
16 Cliff McKenzie 1 2.15   85  
17 Phillip Webb 1 2.01   84  
18 Art Alden 1 1.92   83  
19 Ernie Jordan 1 1.84   82  
20 Carey Gajdica 1 1.52   81  
21 Paul Zukosky 0 -   10  
21 Jason Bohme 0 -   10  
21 Jim Campbell 0 -   10  
21 Bobby Cole 0 -   10  
21 Bill Kessler 0 -   10  
21 Wally Hughey 0 -   10  
21 David Porter 0 -   10  
21 Bill Johnson 0 -   10  
Totals 28 Anglers 48 105.19 lbs. - 2.20 lb. average   $1,187.00

Next Tournament
The night of August 26th - Lake Ray Hubbard
Next Meeting
Wed. August 23rd - 7:00pm at VFW #5076, 1906 Miller Road, Garland (Mapsco 29A.H)

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