June 24th and 25th, 2000
Cypress Springs and Bob Sandlin

Beautiful weather both days. Saturday was overcast at times and there was a brief shower shortly before noon. Sunday was sunny with partly cloudy skies. The pretty weather both days led to fairly heavy recreational traffic.  The water temperature was in the low 80's and the water was slightly stained on both lakes. The winds were fairly light at 5 to 15 mph.   

Harshbarger Victorious For The 2nd Time

Jon Harshbarger weighed in a total of eight fish, four fish each day, in our Bob Sandlin/Cypress Springs tournament on June 24th and 25th for a total weight of 15.36 lbs.  Jon’s 1 ½  day total narrowly beat out Robert Hargrove’s 6 fish at 14.33 lbs. Jon ability to catch fish on both lakes was the key to his victory and placed him a tie with me for the Angler Of The Year race. Carey Gajdica and Bill Johnson who are also locked in a tie closely follow us. Robert is just a few points behind Carey and Bill. Rounding out the top six for this tournament were Coy Frazier in 3rd with 7 fish at 12.57 lbs. Phillip Webb took his first check as a CENTURY member with a 4th place finish with 6 fish at 11.90 lbs. I took 5th place with 6 fish at 11.36 lbs. and finishing 6th was Carey Gajdica with 6 fish at 11.17 lbs. As you can see just one or two fish could have made a huge difference in the standings, like the 3-pounder on Saturday that I got all the way to the boat before he spit my jig at me. I guess he finally got a good look at me and didn’t like what he saw.  Hmmm, go figure.

     My most productive pattern on Saturday was a jig,  black and blue with a pumpkin-chartreuse pincher Pig Claw trailer from Lake Fork Tackle. Late in the day Saturday with time winding down and just one small fish in the boat, I stumbled upon the jig bite as I became desperate for just one or two quality bites. Sunday the pattern was a Lake Fork Tackle Baby Ring Fry’s on the business end of a Carolina Rig. I had fished with CENTURY member John Tanner on Fork on Thursday prior to the tournament and those two baits were working well there. John is a full time guide on Fork, so if you know someone who is looking to fish Fork give John a call and he’ll put you on the big ones.

     Well, now comes perhaps my most favorite stretch of the year – night tournaments. Bob Sandlin is a good night lake and always holds the possibility of a true lunker as they go nocturnal with the increased recreational traffic and the oppressive heat of summer. Then comes Ray Hubbard which is probably going to surprise a few folks – in a recent Tuesday night tournament one team weighed in 3 fish, each one over 8 lbs.! Let’s go have some fun.

     The participation has been excellent this year, with some great competition. As a result there are a lot of members in the running for our Top Six Team. It’s also great to see so many new members. I fished on Sunday with Hameed Ghaffar and had a lot of fun. Hameed fished out of Coy’s boat on Saturday and came in with the day’s Big Bass at 6.33 lbs. I’d also like to welcome another new member, Jeff Cooper, who took Sunday’s Big Bass money with one that went 3.65 lbs. Way to go guys. There is one more thing that I noticed while working on the stats – 22 of 34 members have won money so far this year. That’s awesome!

     Pull out your black spinner baits and those big worms, because we’re going night fishing. Good luck to you all.

Tommy Yates

P.S.   I am still crying from all the laughter on Saturday night during dinner at Vaughn’s. Getting together with everyone for a good time is what CENTURY is all about. Thank goodness Jon and Dusty had their wives there – they were the only ones that kept our group from being the ugliest in the restaurant. 

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Points Money Won
1 Jon Harshbarger 8 15.36   100 $311.85
2 Robert Hargrove 6 14.33   99 $194.04
3 Coy Frazier 7 12.57   98 $110.88
4 Phillip Webb 6 11.90   97 $76.23
5 Tommy Yates 6 11.36   96  
6 Carey Gajdica 6 11.17   95  
7 Bill Johnson 6 11.08   94  
8 Randy Kvapil 5 10.88   93  
9 Jeff Cooper 4 10.80 3.65/Sat. 92 $110.00
10 Hameed Ghaffar 2 8.28 6.33/Sun. 91 $110.00
11 Ernie Jordan 3 6.18   90  
12 Bill Kessler 3 6.17   89  
13 Danny Yates 3 5.56   88  
14 Dusty Richards 3 4.88   87  
15 Chuck Middleton 3 4.83   86  
16 Wally Hughey 2 4.62   85  
17 Cliff McKenzie 2 3.06   84  
18 Bill Houghton 2 2.54   83  
19 Jim Hammond 2 2.32   82  
20 Mike Adam 0 -   10  
20 Gary Martin 0 -   10  
20 Mike Thompson 0 -   10  
Totals 22 Anglers 79 157.89 lbs. - 2.00 lb. average   $938.00

Next Tournament
The night of July 29th - Bob Sandlin 
Next Meeting
Wed. June 26th - 7:00pm at VFW #5076, 1906 Miller Road, Garland (Mapsco 29A.H)

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