May 18th, 2003
Cedar Creek

Bobby Cole Captures Cedar Creek

Long time Century member, Bobby Cole captured top honors at Cedar Creek on May 18 with 4 nice fish weighing 12.93 lbs.  On a day where everyone was scrambling to find keeper fish, Bobby used a variety of baits including Wacky Worms, Senko’s, and a Pop “R” according to his partner, Ernie Jordon to walk away with 1st place and a check for $302 as well as heavy boat honors with Ernie for an additional $60.  Great job Bobby!

Second place was nailed down by Craig Dowis with 2 fish which included the day’s Big Bass of 5.53 lbs.  Craig’s fish came on spinner baits if Craig can be trusted to divulge his baits.  Remember—Craig is a lawyer…just kidding Craig.  Craig has certainly been hot this year and was rewarded for his 2nd place showing and Big Bass honors to the tune of $316.

Century President, Duane Climer, nabbed 3rd place with 4 fish weighing 7.74 lbs but had the unfortunate luck of having a fish die which cost him 2nd place.  Duane’s check was for $114.  Duane’s fish were caught using a split-shot Fluke.

Fourth place went to Century legend and last year’s Angler of the Year—Robert Hargrove.  Robert caught 4 fish for 6.75 lbs.  I didn’t question Robert on his techniques, but I would bet the farm that his fish were caught using his famous Chicken Rig.

“Easy-going” Ernie Jordan squeaked in for 5th place with 3 nice bass at 5.45 lbs.  Ernie collected not only 5th place money but half of the heavy boat weight money as well.

There were a total of 43 bass weighed in that totaled 97.54 lbs. for a 2.27lb average at Cedar Creek.  Through the first 5 tournaments, there have been 182 bass weighed in at 417.72 lbs for a 2.30 lb average.  Although the overall weights this year for Century have been down some, the one extra ordinary fact is out of 182 bass caught, all but one has been released alive.  This speaks volumes about Century members and their commitment to the resource.  Great Job Gang!!!

Special mention needs to go to Allie Bell, Century’s only female member, for weighing her first bass at Cedar Creek.  Her lunker tipped the scales at 3.38 lbs.  Congratulations Allie!

The updated standings also include totals with 2 drops this month.  The 2003 seasons is shaping up to be a close one as at the moment there is tie between Robert Hargrove and Craig Dowis for Angler of the Year honors.  The top 16 places are separated by only 49 points.

Until next month.
                                                                                                                                            Mark Calhoun

NEXT TOURNAMENT:  Cypress Springs—June 22
VFW #5076, Garland—1906 Miller Road (Mapsco 29A.H)






January 19


Nick Carroccio

5.42 lbs

February 16


Mike Dowdy

5.57 lbs



Robert Hargrove

5.15 lbs



Mark Calhoun

5.07 lbs

March 30


Craig Dowis

5.22 lbs

April 26

Lake of the Pines

Robert Hargrove

4.31 lbs

May 18

Cedar Creek

Craig Dowis

5.53 lbs

June 22

Cypress Springs



July 20




August 9-10

Cedar Creek



September 20-21

Richland Chambers



October 12

Ray Hubbard



October 25-26




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