October 15th, 2000
Lake Lavon

The skies were partly cloudy most of the day and the wind blew out of the south at 15-20 mph all day. Surface temps were around 66 degrees at takeoff.  

Phillip Webb Wins His First Century Title

Tommy Yates Takes Home "Angler of the Year" Title

    The regular season came to a close Sunday October 15th on Lake Lavon with 25 anglers facing the toughest fishing of the year with most of the fish few and far between. Robert, Elvin and Chuck all managed to catch fish as the Top Six race came down to the final tournament. Anyone pre-fishing Lavon the past few weeks knows that the lake has been dropping steadily and was approximately 8 feet low by the time we hit the lake on Sunday. Phillip Webb weighed in 2 fish at 5.59 for his first Century Bass Club win. His first fish came early on a buzzbait and his second keeper came later in the day on a Carolina Rig. My 3 fish, at 5.54, put me in 2nd place. At 2:00pm I was still looking for a keeper when I made the decision to move to the riprap at the dam. Those rocks produced all three of my fish in the last hour. One fish came on a split shot rig with a Lake Fork Trophy Tackle Twitch Worm and the other two came on a Terminator spinnerbait. Chuck Middleton was right behind me in 3rd place with 5.53. Chuck caught his first fish on a small brush pile near the East Fork ramp and his next two keepers came off a finesse rig worked along the outside edges of the boat stalls in Collin Park Marina. Danny Yates had two fish at 4.34 and Robert Hargrove rounded out the top five with 2 fish at 4.25. Danny Yates and Phillip Webb took heavy boat honors with a combined weight of 9.93.

    My 2nd place finish closed out a great year for me as I earned our “Angler of the Year” Title. There were two reasons for my success this year. At the end of last year I asked John Pierce for some advice on what I could do to become a better fisherman. His response was, “Get in your boat every weekend and fish.” I took his advice and did just that this year and in the process I got me comfortable running the boat in many different fishing and weather conditions. I also learned a valuable lesson from Lendell Martin Jr. last year. After Lendell captured an Angler’s Choice Pro/Am top 5 finish on Cedar Creek Lake, a lake he had never before fished, I asked him how he was able to do it. His answer was, “Easy, I just drove around the lake and looked for water that looked good to me. Water that fit my style of fishing.” I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t have anything working this year, and put Lendell’s advice to work. Thanks John and Lendell for the great advice. 

    Increased membership and generally larger turnouts at our tournaments this year led to a tight race for the Top Six team. I can only imagine that the race will be even tougher next year. Our Top Six qualifiers will head for the Texas/Mexico border and Lake Amistad next March for the state tournament. The Century team will include Tommy Yates, Robert Hargrove, Randy Kvapil, Carey Gajdica, Elvin Smith and Chuck Middleton.

    At the bottom of this page you will find the list of our 2000 Century Classic Qualifiers. Don’t forget the meeting on Wednesday Oct. 25th. We will have Russell Cecil of Falcon Rods as a special guest. Russell will discuss Falcon Rods and some of the other products he represents.

    2001 Century Bass Club Officers include: Chuck Middleton, President.  Danny Yates, VP/Tournament Director. Paul Zukosky, Treasurer and Tommy Yates, Secretary. Directors will be: Robert Hargrove, Coy Frazier, Carey Gajdica and Ernie Jordan. 

Tommy Yates

P.S. – Also, don’t forget the Awards Banquet on November 15th at Enchilada’s Restaurant at Northwest Highway and Abrams Road. Please let me know if you plan on attending, and whether you will be bringing a guest, so I can get an idea of the number of people to expect.

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Points Money Won
1 Phillip Webb 2 5.59   100 $377.50
2 Tommy Yates 3 5.54   99 $204.75
3 Chuck Middleton 3 5.53   98 $118.13
4 Danny Yates 2 4.34   97 $149.13
5 Robert Hargrove 2 4.25   96 $63.00
6 John Pierce 1 3.56 3.56 95 $125.00
7 Craig Dowis 2 3.51   94  
8 Coy Frazier 2 3.22   93  
9 Gary Spencer 2 3.06   92  
10 Jon Harshbarger 1 2.15   91  
11 Elvin Smith 1 2.08   90  
12 Bernie Gajdica 1 2.00   89  
13 Mike Mashburn 1 1.86   88  
14 Paul Zukosky 1 1.67   87  
15 Bill Kessler 0 -   10  
15 David Porter 0 -   10  
15 Hameed Ghaffar 0 -   10  
15 Bill Houghton 0 -   10  
15 Jim Campbell 0 -   10  
15 Gary Martin 0 -   10  
15 Alan Carrell 0 -   10  
15 Carey Gajdica 0 -   10  
15 Jim Hammond 0 -   10  
15 Randy Kvapil 0 -   10  
15 Ernie Jordan 0 -   10  
Totals 25 Anglers 24 48.36 lbs. - 2.02 average   $1,062.15

2000 Classic Qualifiers

Tommy Yates Jon Harsbarger Coy Frazier ALTERNATES:
Robert Hargrove Paul Zukosky Bill Houghton Mike Adam-Alt.
Randy Kvapil Phillip Webb John Pierce Hameed Ghaffar-Alt.
Carey Gajdica Ernie Jordan Jim Campbell Rich Adams-Alt.
Elvin Smith Jim Hammond Cliff McKenzie Bernie Gajdica-Alt.
Chuck Middleton Bill Johnson Bill Kessler Wally Hughey-Alt.
Danny Yates Brett Kilmer Art Alden Kevin Probert-Alt.


 Lunker Club (over 5 lbs.)



 Tournament Winners

Angler # of fish Largest Total Weight  Angler Lake Total Weight
Brett Kilmer 1 10.93 10.93 Coy Frazier Martin Creek 10.50
Bill Johnson 1 8.27 8.27 Brett Kilmer Ray Hubbard 22.77
Carey Gajdica 1 7.19 7.19 Tommy Yates Toledo Bend-2 day 22.60
John Pierce 2 6.30 12.13 Jon Harsbarger Lake 'O the Pines 11.18
Tommy Yates 2 5.66 11.07 Coy Frazier Cedar Creek 17.75
Coy Frazier 1 6.03 6.03 Jon Harsbarger Sandlin/Cypress-2 day 15.36
Hameed Ghaffar 1 6.33 6.33 Tommy Yates Bob Sandlin 11.55
Robert Hargrove 1 5.04 5.04 Robert Hargrove Ray Hubbard 17.51
        Brett Kilmer  Lake Palestine 8.97
        Phillip Webb Lake Lavon 5.59

Next Tournament
Century Classic

Oct. 28th and 29th - Lake To Be Drawn

Next Meeting
Wed. Oct. 125th - 7:00pm at VFW #5076, 1906 Miller Road, Garland (Mapsco 29A.H)

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