September 17th, 2000
Lake Palestine

The skies were clear and the wind was fairly light through most of the day. Surface temps were around 84 degrees at takeoff.  

Kilmer Becomes Century’s 4th 2-Time Winner This Year

    Brett Kilmer hasn’t fished all the tournaments this year due to other commitments, but he has made the most of the ones he has fished. His 3 fish on Sunday weighed 8.97 and was anchored by the big bass of the tournament at 4.96 to win this tough event. Most members reported large numbers of small fish, especially on Saturday, but 14” fish were very elusive and hard to find. By Sunday the wind had laid down and the fishing simply became tougher. A couple of Brett’s better fish came on a Carolina Rig. Kelly Ferguson brought in 4 fish weighing 8.28 for 2nd place, while Paul Zukosky’s 4 fish  were close behind in 3rd place at 8.02. 4th-6th place went to Jon Harshbarger with 3 fish at 6.52, Randy Kvapil with 3 fish at 5.27 and Glen Morse with 3 fish at 4.99.

    In the five tournaments that Brett has fished this year he has finished 1st twice and 2nd twice and had one other top ten finish. I guess I’m lucky he hasn’t fished more or I might be chasing him for Angler of the Year. As it stands now my 8th place finish at Palestine kept me atop the race for our Angler of the Year, but with one more tournament to go Randy Kvapil is still close enough to catch me. The rest of the Top Six include Robert Hargrove, Carey Gajdica, Elvin Smith and Chuck Middleton. As our final tournament quickly approaches the final Top Six is still in question with Robert, Elvin and Chuck all needing to find keeper fish at Lavon to maintain their positions.

    It was nice to have to wear a light jacket for a change at take off. Especially when Mike Adam in his Bullet 20XD decided to give me a little spray job on his way to his first spot. My Bullet 21XD couldn’t quite catch up to return the favor, but at least at that point I was wide awake. I had a really good time at this tournament especially Saturday night at the motel with all the other fishermen there. It was an great opportunity to hear a whole different set of lies and my sides are still hurting. On another note from this tournament – I heard that an area of the lake fished by Danny Yates and Randy Kvapil has started posting “No Swimming” signs. What’s up with that?

    Everyone make an effort to be at the next meeting, regardless of whether you plan to fish Lavon. We will be voting on rule changes and electing Officers and Directors for 2001. Just a couple of the proposed rule changes include changing our minimum age limit from 18 to 16 to reflect our State Federation and National B.A.S.S. minimum age limit and to change the minimum points for fishing a tournament from 10 to 50. In addition, there are a number of other proposed rules and changes that we will be voting on.

    Our turnout has really been great this year in part, I would hope, due to our new website and also our revamped newsletter. Lots of effort has been put into both and I hope you’ve enjoyed what you seen this year. Enchilada’s Restaurant has been reserved for Wednesday night November 15th for our Award’s Banquet, so please mark your calendars. This banquet is open to anyone interested in Century Bass Club so please contact me if you would like to attend, even if you are not a member. We will be using the Awards Banquet to get a jump on registration for next year.

Tommy Yates

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Points Money Won
1 Brett Kilmer 3 8.97 4.96 100 $460.20
2 Kelly Ferguson 4 8.28   99 $211.68
3 Paul Zukosky 4 8.02   98 $180.96
4 Jon Harshbarger 3 6.52   97 $83.16
5 Randy Kvapil 3 5.27   96  
6 Glen Morse 3 4.99   95  
7 Elvin Smith 2 4.88   94 $60.00
8 Tommy Yates 2 3.93   93  
9 Bobby Cole 2 3.73   92  
10 Danny Yates 2 3.14   91  
11 Bill Houghton 1 1.70   90  
12 Jim Hammond 1 1.48   89  
13 Cliff McKenzie 0 -   10  
13 Art Alden 0 -   10  
13 Robert Hargrove 0 -   10  
13 Bill Kessler 0 -   10  
13 Alan Carrell 0 -   10  
13 Carey Gajdica 0 -   10  
13 Chuck Middleton 0 -   10  
13 Hameed Ghaffar 0 -   10  
13 Phillip Webb 0 -   10  
13 Mike Adam 0 -   10  
13 Ernie Jordan 0 -   10  
13 Wally Hughey 0 -   10  
Totals 24 Anglers 30 60.91 lbs. - 2.03 average   $996.00

 Lunker Club (over 5 lbs.)


 Tournament Winners

Angler # of fish Largest Total Weight  Angler Lake Total Weight
Brett Kilmer 1 10.93 10.93 Coy Frazier Martin Creek 10.50
Bill Johnson 1 8.27 8.27 Brett Kilmer Ray Hubbard 22.77
Carey Gajdica 1 7.19 7.19 Tommy Yates Toledo Bend-2 day 22.60
John Pierce 2 6.30 12.13 Jon Harsbarger Lake 'O the Pines 11.18
Tommy Yates 2 5.66 11.07 Coy Frazier Cedar Creek 17.75
Coy Frazier 1 6.03 6.03 Jon Harsbarger Sandlin/C.Springs-2 day 15.36
Hameed Ghaffar 1 6.33 6.33 Tommy Yates Bob Sandlin 11.55
Robert Hargrove 1 5.04 5.04 Robert Hargrove Ray Hubbard 17.51
        Brett Kilmer  Lake Palestine 8.97

Next Tournament
Oct. 15th - Lake Lavon
Next Meeting
Wed. Oct. 11th - 7:00pm at VFW #5076, 1906 Miller Road, Garland (Mapsco 29A.H)

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