Sept. 14th and 15th, 2002
Toledo Bend

Paul Zukosky Wins Toledo Bend Tournament
Robert Hargrove – Angler of the Year, Again

Paul Zukosky made a valiant effort to capture our Angler of the Year title this year by winning our ninth tournament of the year on Toledo Bend Sept. 14th and 15th. Paul’s eight fish weighed 16.31 pounds and included Sunday’s big bass. This victory brought Paul up to 2nd place in our standings, but unfortunately Robert Hargrove’s 3rd place finish locked up, with one tournament still remaining, a record ninth Angler of the Year title. Robert captured 3rd place at Toledo Bend with four fish weighing 6.26 pounds.  

Paul’s winning pattern included Lake Fork Tackle twitch worms in chartreuse pepper worked on a Chicken Rig in the Frontier Park area. As Paul and I were fishing on Saturday he informed me that he had bought that particular color by mistake. I’ll bet that he has that color with him from now on.  

Craig Dowis’ 5 fish weighing 10.03 pounds resulted in 2nd place – this is Craig’s best Century finish to date. His weight included Saturday’s big bass. Craig’s fish came on Leverage Buzzbaits, Chomper’s Baits and Lake Fork Tackle Craw worms. This finish also moves Craig up into our Top Six standings for the year – quite an accomplishment for a non-boater in our club. Good going Craig!  

I managed a 4th place finish with three fish weighing 5.79 pounds, all of which were caught Saturday while fishing with Paul. My trusted Lake Fork Tackle Craw worm, in green pumpkin, worked well behind Paul while flipping boat slips. I did lose a couple of nice fish early on a buzzbait, so I think Craig has convinced me to try his Leverage Buzzbait.  

Duane Climer rounded out the top five with two fish weighing 4.37 pounds. As you can see the fishing was tough with the lake 4-5 feet low and almost all the grass gone.  

Our Top Six standings, with one tournament remaining, include Robert Hargrove  - 677 points, Paul Zukosky – 669 points, Randy Kvapil – 660 points, Tommy Yates – 649 points, Wally Hughey – 644 points, and Craig Dowis – 635 points.  

Don’t forget to be at our next meeting on Oct. 9th where we will elect new Officers and rule changes will be voted on. If you have any rule changes to be considered, please bring a written copy to the meeting to give to Craig.  

I will also be passing out entry forms for the Stanley Stanford Memorial Tournament, which will be put on by Gordon Stauffer of Media Bass on Dec. 7th at Cedar Creek Lake out of Sunny Glen. Stanley fished a few tournaments with Century and many of us have fished against him for years. For more details visit the Media Bass website.  

Our next tournament will be at Bob Sandlin on Sunday Oct. 13th. For rooms call Ragan’s at 903-572-7563. See you there.

Tommy Yates

Place Angler # of Fish Total lbs. Big Bass Points
1 Paul Zukosky 8 16.31 3.18 100
2 Craig Dowis 5 10.03 2.64 99
3 Robert Hargrove 4 6.26   98
4 Tommy Yates 3 5.79   97
5 Duane Climer 2 4.37   96
6 Bill Kessler 2 3.51   95
7 Ernie Jordan 2 3.09   94
8 Danny Yates 2 2.32   93
9 Wally Hughey 1 2.20   92
10 Ray Bell -     50
11 Jim Campbell -     50
12 Hameed Ghaffar -     50
13 Phillip Webb -     50
13 Anglers 29 fish 53.88 pounds / 1.68 average

 Lunker Club (over 5 lbs.)



 Tournament Winners

Angler # of fish Largest Total Weight  Angler Lake Total Weight
Mark Calhoun 1 6.23 6.23 Robert Hargrove Martin Creek Lake 8.50
Randy Kvapil 2 5.95 11.18 Randy Kvapil Lake Tyler 13.43
Bill Kessler 1 5.15 5.15 Bill Kessler Ray Hubbard 7.99
Coy Frazier 1 7.18 7.18 Bill Kessler Lake 'O the Pines 11.80
Elvin Smith 1 5.73 5.73 Coy Frazier Cypress Springs 15.16
Philip Webb 1 6.53 6.53 Mark Calhoun Cedar Creek 15.12
Tommy Yates 1 6.10 6.10 Jon Harshbarger Sam Rayburn 10.55
        Randy Kvapil Lake Palestine 10.10
        Paul Zukosky  Toledo Bend  16.31
          Bob Sandlin  

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